Friday, September 07, 2012

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DevOps for mobile development : Integrate development and operations for quality and continuous delivery to multiple platforms
12 Steps to Better DevOps
Big data analytics for video, mobile, and social game monetization : Understand and influence profitable consumer behavior
Using HTML5 database and offline capabilities : Provide offline data editing and data synchronization
Conway's Game of Life in CoffeeScript and canvas : Create a small game using CoffeeScript and the HTML5 canvas element
Handling user input in HTML5 Canvas-based games : Capture keyboard, mouse, and touch events for game development
Generalized Insert and Update Operations for Hive
Complement canvas with HTML markup, Part 1: Blend the canvas API and HTML/CSS model
Complement canvas with HTML markup, Part 2: Animation and text rendering - Overcome obstacles with layering
Create your own browser extensions, Part 1: Extend your reach into Chrome : Write a basic browser extension for Chrome
HTML5 2D game development: Introducing Snail Bait : Getting started with your first platform video game