Sunday, October 31, 2010

Evolutionary architecture and emergent design: Environmental considerations for design, Part 1 : Estimating emergent design and demonstrating technical debt
Search and integrate Google Buzz Streams with PHP : Use PHP to process and integrate activity streams from Google Buzz with a web application
Ajax user authentication and registration techniques with jQuery
Make your web applications fly : Improve loading performance and decrease bandwidth of CSS and JavaScript code

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday, October 08, 2010

Looking At The WebMatrix WebGrid
Announcing NuPack, ASP.NET MVC 3 Beta, and WebMatrix Beta 2
Introducing HTML5 video : Why we need HTML5 video and how to use it
Migrate your Linux application to the Amazon cloud, Part 3: Building scalability : Serve more traffic with ease
Data-driven interactive applications with HTML5 and Ajax : Cross-platform Web apps for online or offline use
Programming XML across the multiple tiers: Use XML in the middle tier for performance, fidelity, and development ease : Develop an all-XML solution using JDBC 4.0, SQLXML, and the WebSphere Server XML Feature Pack
Programming XML across the multiple tiers, Part 2: Write efficient Java EE applications that exploit an XML database server : Optimize an all-XML solution with JDBC 4.0, SQLXML, the WebSphere XML Feature Pack, and DB2 pureXML
Create modular performance tests to save time and increase reuse: Part 1. Use Rational Performance Tester to exchange data between modular tests

Friday, October 01, 2010

Java development 2.0: MongoDB: A NoSQL datastore with (all the right) RDBMS moves : Create and query documents using Java code and Groovy
Building mobile applications for WebSphere Commerce using the hybrid application programming model
Integrate disparate data sources with Semantic Web technology : Combine data in multiple formats into a single report, using free tools to automate their conversion to RDF
Search RDF data with SPARQL : SPARQL and the Jena Toolkit open up the semantic Web
The Linking Open Data cloud diagram
Smarter collaboration for the Education Industry using Lotus Connections, Part 1: Integrate Lotus Connections with a RESTful web application : Track publications by person using Lotus Connections Profiles
Using the Stakeholder Collaboration Strategy with Rational Requirements Composer: Part 4. Collaboration approach
Improve Ajax development with jQuery
Improve the performance of your web applications : Find bottlenecks and increase the speed of your client-side content
Maximizing JavaScript and Ajax performance : Measure performance with Firebug, Safari Web Inspector, YUI Profiler, and YSlow
Creating juxtaposition tables, Part 1: Use Flex to create JTables
Creating juxtaposition tables, Part 2: Use Dojo to create a matrix viewer
Build a WebSphere application with AMIs : Learn to start an instance in the cloud and deploy a sample application to it.
Simulate XQuery and XInclude functionality with PHP : Enjoy the power of XML data processing in web programming