Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I wrote an article on the smart client software factory and how to use it to develop an outlook like side bar.

Update(27 oct 2006) : Matial Walowski links the article from his blog

Monday, September 25, 2006

Link Listings - 26September 2006

Web Application Projects provide a companion web project model that can be used as an alternative to the built-in Web Site Project in Visual Studio 2005. This new model is ideal for web site developers who are converting a Visual Studio .Net 2003 web project to Visual Studio 2005. (Released May 8, 2006).You can also download from here the vs2005 update to support web application projects.
Check out the mobile client software factory.This has made the mobile development definitely easier.
Test Driven Development with ASP.Net and the Model View Presenter Pattern :Jeremy D Miller
ASP.NET Supervising Controller (Model View Presenter) From Schematic To Unit Tests to Code :Phil Haack
Model View Presenter with ASP.NET : Billy McCafferty

Model, View, Presenter with ASP.NET 2.0

Efficiently paging through large amounts of data :Scott Mitchell
Sql server everywhere blog
SteveLasker's blog: Occasionally Connected Systems, Sql server everywhere

Sunday, September 24, 2006

For some time I have been working on dot net interoperability with different systems.
The following link contains information on dotnet interoperability with SAP.https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/sdn/developerareas/dotnet

Also i completed reading two books from IBM regarding interoperabilty with websphere j2ee server
IBM WebSphere and Microsoft .NET Interoperability http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg246799.pdf
Additional materials: ftp://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/SG246799
WebSphere and .NET Coexistence http://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/pdfs/sg247027.pdf
Additional materials: ftp://www.redbooks.ibm.com/redbooks/SG247027

Friday, September 22, 2006

Just finished an 3 day touch down program on office 2007 system. This is my fourth such training after the sql server and visual studio training of 5 days each and the 3 day ascend program on win fx and vista OS.

With this release ms office is no longer a suite of personal productivity products but a completely integrated system including, products, servers, services and solutions for solving enterprise business problems.

Check out this section of microsoft site for office architects.
I have been thinking of having a blog for some time. My Job makes me study everyday something new and I have been thinking of sharing them. Well I hope to be an active blogger from now on and will be posting on various thoughts, trends, issues and informations I think worthwhile to share primarily on technology including dotnet, j2ee, mobile and games development.