Friday, December 29, 2006

A nice article on debugging is here.
Also if you want to debug javascript in your pages, a very good option ius CompanionJS. This requires microsoft script debugger which you can get here .

Another cool tool : If you need to run clickonce applications on a firefox browser you should install FFClickOnce.

Monday, October 09, 2006

I yesterday read a VirSanghvi Oped called The Indians are coming in the Hindustan Times. I don't know if HT archives have permanent links so am copying a part of the article here for my future reference as well as others who read my blog or will be reading this later.

Globalisation: Many Europeans were losing their jobs because Indian companies paid such low salaries, making it easier for multinationals to outsource jobs to India. Wasn’t it legitimate, therefore, for the West to fear India and to take steps to protect itself?
I usually replied by saying that we did not invent globalisation; the West did.
For years now, we have been lectured about the virtues of globalisation. We have been told to drop tariffs and to allow cheaper Western products to flood our marketplaces. When we have responded that this will have disastrous effects for Indian industry and for Indian agriculture, that lakhs of people will lose their livelihoods and hundreds of factories will close down, we have been told not to be so shortsighted. Progress is about economic efficiency. And if Western countries with their economies of scale can produce goods cheaper, then we should welcome this.
When we have complained that the WTO structure seems biased against us and that Western economies use non-tariff barriers to keep out our goods, we have been laughed at and our objections dismissed.
For better or worse, we have grudgingly accepted the mantra of globalisation and have agreed to let our factories close and to let our vanilla farmers go out of business. It has not made us happy but we have finally bought into the capitalist edict that goods must flow freely across borders.
Now, when we have a competitive advantage, when one of our natural resources (educated Indians) is much cheaper than anything in the West, the argument for globalisation has suddenly been turned on its head.
Americans protest that their jobs have been Bangalored; Germans complain about the skills of Indian IT programmers who do their jobs twice as quickly and at half the cost; and Brits abuse our call-centre workers.
So, whatever happened to the argument for globalisation? To all that stuff about economic efficiency being all-important? How come it doesn’t apply to us?
When they asked me in Frankfurt if I thought that the power of India’s educated middle class represented a threat to them, I said, quite honestly, that it did.
And when they asked if they should be frightened, I was as honest.
Be scared, I said, be very scared. The Indians are coming.

And finally: There are two things which I feel similarly with the author. One:I concede, as an Indian who has benefited from the new prosperity, I feel guilty and ashamed each time a farmer commits suicide.

And two: I hope to God, we don’t screw it up this time as we usually manage to do. After so many false starts, India is finally ready for take-off.

Thursday, October 05, 2006

If you need to publish your clickonce app from a webserver which does not have .net2.0 installed, there is a nice hack.You basically need to add two mime types to IIS which get installed automatically when you install IIS else it is not there.
The settings are for the ".application", ".deploy" and ".manifest" file extensions, and the MIME type for each should be set to "application/x-ms-application."
The following vbs file allows you to add mime types to IIS programatically.

Dim LocalMimeMap, MimeMap
Dim ExtensionToAdd, MimeTypeToAdd
Dim i
Set LocalMimeMap = GetObject("IIS://localhost/MimeMap")
MimeMap = LocalMimeMap.GetEx("MimeMap")
ExtensionToAdd = InputBox("Extension:","IIS")
MimeTypeToAdd = InputBox("MIME Type:","IIS")
i = UBound(MimeMap)+1
Redim Preserve MimeMap(i) 'Make it bigger and maintain its contents
Set MimeMap(i) = CreateObject("MimeMap") 'Add onto the end
MimeMap(i).Extension = ExtensionToAdd
MimeMap(i).MimeType = MimeTypeToAdd
LocalMimeMap.PutEx ADS_PROPERTY_UPDATE,"MimeMap",MimeMap

There is also a fast way of Switching Versions of the ASP.Net Framework here By Scott Forsyth

If you need to check whether the clickonce applications running on different machines are of the latest version available, its helpful to be able to see the publish version that any one machine is running. The code to do this follows. You'll also need to add System.Deployment into your project references.

If System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationDeployment.IsNetworkDeployed Then
Dim ad As System.Deployment.Application.ApplicationDeployment =
Dim version As String = ad.CurrentVersion.ToString
Me.Text = "Version: " & version
End If

Check out Saurabh Pant's weblog for information on Clickonce and Firefox
Scott Hanselman has compiled a list of ultimate cool tools for every developer and computer users which are just too good. Some of them I use , some of them I'm checking out.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Vista RC1 and Quicktime, java don't work. I found this out yesterday after installing RC1 and then installing quicktime. The aero glass effect got disabled. I thought it was something to do with my graphics card but just as I closed quicktime everything was ok.
Then while searching for this found these links-,2180,2022483,00.asp

There is already some talk going on about this being one of the tries to kill java on the long term which I think is very foolish.
Check this out: RSSBus: Turn Anything Into a Feed
Dynamic Web service client :A dynamic client for publishing, discovering and invoking Web services
Software as a Service is a new delivery model where companies pay not for owning the software itself but for using it. In the SaaS scenario, a software provider is responsible for its availability (maintenance, scalability, disaster recovery, etc.). That’s what the companies pay for.
Check out the architecture stratagies
Tips on software as a service : Mike Obrien's blog,guid,d4255778-668c-4922-ba22-a78335e3b8a0.aspx
Also take a look at this article on multi tenant data architecture at the microsoft solution architecture center
Fred Chong's blog on SAAS
Gianpaolo's blog

Update(04/10/06) : Akila Manian delivered a webcast on Shift in paradigm from business solution to business services which can be listened on demand at -

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

I wrote an article on the smart client software factory and how to use it to develop an outlook like side bar.

Update(27 oct 2006) : Matial Walowski links the article from his blog

Monday, September 25, 2006

Link Listings - 26September 2006

Web Application Projects provide a companion web project model that can be used as an alternative to the built-in Web Site Project in Visual Studio 2005. This new model is ideal for web site developers who are converting a Visual Studio .Net 2003 web project to Visual Studio 2005. (Released May 8, 2006).You can also download from here the vs2005 update to support web application projects.
Check out the mobile client software factory.This has made the mobile development definitely easier.
Test Driven Development with ASP.Net and the Model View Presenter Pattern :Jeremy D Miller
ASP.NET Supervising Controller (Model View Presenter) From Schematic To Unit Tests to Code :Phil Haack
Model View Presenter with ASP.NET : Billy McCafferty

Model, View, Presenter with ASP.NET 2.0

Efficiently paging through large amounts of data :Scott Mitchell
Sql server everywhere blog
SteveLasker's blog: Occasionally Connected Systems, Sql server everywhere

Sunday, September 24, 2006

For some time I have been working on dot net interoperability with different systems.
The following link contains information on dotnet interoperability with SAP.

Also i completed reading two books from IBM regarding interoperabilty with websphere j2ee server
IBM WebSphere and Microsoft .NET Interoperability
Additional materials:
WebSphere and .NET Coexistence
Additional materials:

Friday, September 22, 2006

Just finished an 3 day touch down program on office 2007 system. This is my fourth such training after the sql server and visual studio training of 5 days each and the 3 day ascend program on win fx and vista OS.

With this release ms office is no longer a suite of personal productivity products but a completely integrated system including, products, servers, services and solutions for solving enterprise business problems.

Check out this section of microsoft site for office architects.
I have been thinking of having a blog for some time. My Job makes me study everyday something new and I have been thinking of sharing them. Well I hope to be an active blogger from now on and will be posting on various thoughts, trends, issues and informations I think worthwhile to share primarily on technology including dotnet, j2ee, mobile and games development.